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Garret Farm – Part 38

Wednesday Briefs Header

Murphy sat in his office crunching the new financials when Trent charged through the door.

“Goddamnit Garret, do you have to tell EVERYONE about my sex life?” bellowed Trent as he made his way to Murphy’s desk.

Murphy looked up with a bemused smirk but didn’t say anything until after Trent had walked right up to his desk.

“You assume that I told Chris about your sex life? Think about Trent. Chris is one of Sandy’s friends from school. She likely knows all the gruesome details.” Murphy said as he stood up, “Now, get out of my office and go talk to Sandy.”

Trent turned around, quietly and meekly leaving.

Chris had gone back to the shop to get a feel for how everything was laid out and try to decipher any maintenance logs that she could find and read. She grabbed the leftmost binders on the shelf above the desk and dropped them on the floor. First things first: Clean this office. She muttered loudly as she put the binders back on the shelf and took stock of the office.

She opened the windows and locked the door. Let’s have a kiki! She turned up the stereo in the shop and soon was making substantial progress into making the office look like an office and not someone’s cabin or flop space.

Meanwhile, Sandy made quick work of getting the cattle chute finished up and heading to his office he heard Trent approaching, shouting his name between obscenities.

Trent charged up to Sandy getting up in his face screaming, “Why the fuck did you tell Chris everything about our fucking? She didn’t fucking need to know about how you fucked me through the fucking wall for fuck’s sake!”

“Calm the fuck down Trent. You are drawing more attention to this than me telling Chris could ever do.” Sandy commanded.

Trent shut his mouth but was still seething with anger.

“I told Chris as she’s one of my best friends and I knew she wouldn’t tell anyone else. Notice that she only mentioned it when it was the three of us. No one else was around.” Sandy hissed.

“My sex life…” Sandy’s hand flew over Trent’s mouth, “Our conversation about this is OVER. Do you understand me. I only told Chris about that. Anyone else who knows either was there to help fix things or overheard us talking to Murphy about it.”

Sandy removed his hand as Trent slumped and confessed, “I’m sorry sir. I’m just not used to having the details of my sex life made public.”

Sandy paused for a moment. Trent just called me sir. Why does this feel weird?

Trent dropped down to his knees, leaning forward to put his forehead on Sandy’s boots and saying nothing.

Sandy stood silently, looking down at Trent who hadn’t moved before finally speaking.

“Stand up Trent. You are making a fool of yourself.” Sandy said somewhat aloofly.

Trent stood up silently, keeping his head down but looking up enough to make eye contact.

Sandy, flustered, struggled to express his thoughts. This isn’t me really. I don’t like being an asshole. Boss is one thing, asshole to a partner is another.

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Garret Farm – Part 37

Wednesday Briefs Header

Chris and Murphy were deep in their negotiations and Murphy knew Sandy had found the right person but it was going to cost him.

I shouldn’t complain. Chris’ salary will be less than all the fuck ups Jason made.

Negotiations didn’t take long as Chris knew what she was worth and Murphy knew he needed her. It was less than thirty minutes and they had hammered out the details and all the paperwork had been done. Murphy faxed off the necessary forms to his lawyer and awaited the results of the background check.

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Garret Farm – Part 36

Wednesday Briefs Header

Sandy and Chris took their seats at the small conference table in Trent’s office and Chris looked up at Sandy, flashing him a smile.

Trent made quick introductions and the interview was underway with little pretense or formality. It was Sandy who started the interview, much to the surprise of Murphy.

“Chris, you’ve heard the details of the job and we know what the job entails. Why don’t you tell us what makes you qualified for the position.” Sandy said, giving Chris a smile.

Murphy sat back and listened to Chris list off her certifications in various brands of implements, past experience with fencing and construction.

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Garret Farm – Part 35

Wednesday Briefs Header

Murphy’s week was going smoothly as the farm was taking care of itself. Maintenance was being handled by people that he brought in from town but a lot of work wasn’t getting logged as well as it could have been. No real change there, as trying to make sense of Jason’s office had shown that he hadn’t really kept logs of anything at all. Anything from oil changes to full engine overhauls, Jason had no records for almost all of the equipment on the farm. Murphy’s mood during the week seemed to have two settings: optimism and rage.

If he wasn’t cleaning up messes left behind by Jason, he was optimistic as hell about how well the farm was running but it seemed like each new day brought a new mess that needed to be resolved and it mostly involved a lot of money going out to get stuff fixed.

Trent was gotten the crop management settled as well as negotiating to purchase another 480 acres that adjoined the north part of the farm. While it wouldn’t be a huge expansion for the farm, it would be a good area for expermenting with alternative crops. While Trent didn’t make himself known on the farm, his presence was constant with his seemingly innate knowledge of crop rotation and cultivation.

Sandy had settled in and was quickly getting the livestock side of the farm on track as well. A detailed census had been taken of all the livestock, a visual checkup done on each animal, and stocks of feed, medications, and other necessary supplies checked. Murphy quickly realized that Sandy was someone that he really couldn’t afford to let go but yet he had to hope that he would stick around after his internship was over.

Murphy just needed to find someone to take over equipment maintenance. He had a couple of

interviews during the week but none of them seemed to be a good fit. He wasn’t sure who might be but he needed someone and soon.

Friday rolled around but as is typical of farm life, Friday is just another day. The only person that Friday really affected was Sandy as he didn’t have classes on the weekend. Sandy was on the farm more than seemed possible given his classes and homework. So far, he’d been able to keep up with school and was doing amazing things on the farm as well. Murphy made sure than Sandy’s professor got his internship updates each week. There wasn’t much negative that he could say about Sandy. His major concern was that Sandy was keeping up with his coursework.

Murphy wasn’t the only one who was concerned about Sandy’s schoolwork as Trent was watching Sandy like a hawk as well. Trent had set down the law and Sandy had to show that his homework was done and that he’d made progress on his thesis. Sandy didn’t mind the checking in from Murphy but Trent’s constant check-ins were starting to chafe. He’d finally told Trent that he was starting to sound like someone’s dad with all the nagging.

Sandy had started to spend more time at the house that was set aside for the livestock manager. It wasn’t anything to do with Trent as much as he wanted to separate business from pleasure. While he enjoyed being around Trent, he couldn’t keep focused on work nor could Trent. They wound up fucking like bunnies all the time. Sandy felt like he should be doing more for the farm and that it was reflecting poorly on his internship. It also helped to have his own space as it was a better environment for him to focus on his thesis and coursework.

Murphy had noticed the change as well and had chalked it up to the lust bunny phase of things being over and both of them settling down into a more professional work relationship during the day. While he wasn’t wrong, it did give Sandy more time to focus on the farm.

Friday afternoon arrived with another hot and dry day. Murphy wasn’t all that excited but he had one last interview for the week. It was scheduled for 4pm so Murphy had scheduled to meet the person at the office attached to the grain elevators. It would also mean that Trent would already be present and Trent would have told Sandy, so everyone would be there for the interview.

Chris arrived at 3:45 and was walking towards the grain offices as Murphy left the house to walk across the farm. Murphy them and assumed it was Chris since he didn’t recognize them and they were a good distance onto the farm. He allowed them to walk into the offices and inteoduce themselves to Trent. He purposefully lagged outside the door, which also allowed him to intercept Sandy as well.

“Hey Sandy, is Chris one of your referrals? He looked young.” Murphy said as Sandy approached.

“Yeah, she’s in the farm program with me and quite the mechanic. She’s decided that she doesn’t want to finish her degree and is going to mechanic school instead.” Sandy said with a smile.

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Garret Farm – Part 34

Wednesday Briefs Header

Jason was finally gone and the farm settled into mid-spring. Trent was busy from sunrise to sunset with preparations for the spring planting. Sandy suddenly found himself in charge of a fence building team to cordon off the winter wheat section that Claire had meant to fertilize. Trent couldn’t use that acreage for anything during the warm season so it was decided to fence it off and make it an extra pasture for the summer.

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Garret Farm – Part 33

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[Author’s Note: Whoops! Forgot to schedule this for last week! So, two posts this week!]

Sandy and Trent left Murphy’s office with a huge smile and a mission.

Murphy had asked them both to keep a look out for someone to replace Jason. Neither of them could believe that Jason was gone, yet neither was disappointed in the news. Trent had a couple of ideas of who talk to and Sandy knew of a couple of guys that were about to graduate that were gearheads and would love a job like Jason’s.

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Garret Farm – Part 32

Wednesday Briefs Header

A few days had passed and nothing on the farm had changed. The tractor that Claire was using had been serviced and repaired. The damage wasn’t as bad as first expected so it was a relatively simple repair.

Sandy and Trent returned two days later after disappearing to the city. Trent had texted Jason that they would be gone and Murphy confirmed that he’d gotten it. Trent had the crops well managed and Sandy wasn’t fully on the job yet. It was affected his internship, but as Murphy thought of it, he was getting his IN-tern-ship from Trent or was it that he was getting it IN to Trent.

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No post this week :(

In the real world, I was out in the woods all week with my local druid grove. I barely slept with all the activities and long discussions. I did a vigil/ordeal on Saturday night and had an amazing 2 1/2 hour conversations with one of my fellow grovemates. The vigil ended with me being ordained a priest of our organization.

I slept 16 hours after getting home, did a few adulting things, and now at 8:20pm Monday, I’m ready to go back to bed.

The story will continue next week I promise. I just have a lot of visions, inspiriations, and memories to commit to paper before I can keep working on my fiction.

May you all be blessed with peace and happiness!

Garret Farm – Part 31

Wednesday Briefs Header

Jason knew his time at the farm was rapidly coming to an end. He stood quietly as his mind replayed his comments earlier in the day about how Murphy paid him for doing nothing and also what Murphy had just said.

Claire sat quietly and tried to hide the smile that threatened to spread across her face. She and most of the female workers around the farm had been wanting Jason gone since the time that he had been brought on to the farm. Even several of the guys had had their run-ins with him and wanted him gone as well. Not for sexual harassment, just because he was an abrasive asshole.

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Garret Farm – Part 30

Wednesday Briefs Header

Murphy walked into his office and dropped into his oversized chair. He pulled up to the desk and logged into his computer and then the farm’s bank accounts. Machinery breakdowns were a face of life but it didn’t mean that Murphy had to like them. Writing out a check for north of a $600,000 was not something he was looking forward to doing. Normally, he rotated the tractors with one cycled out every other year. With the trade in value, a new tractor was normally closer to $350,000 at most.

He knew the farm could easily afford it but he still hated writing huge checks like these.

“Fuck.” Murphy growled and as pounded his fist onto the desk.

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