The Garret Farm – Part 5

Alexei stumbled backwards and fell back onto the couch while panting for air. He’d not had that good of a grudge breeding in years. Maintaining eye contact with Murphy had made it hot and Colin’s primal grunting and moaning had put it right over the top.

Murphy couldn’t keep his face from twisting into an angry sneer. While he had broken Colin in doing his best to make it an enjoyable experience for him, Alexei has just ridden Colin like a bucking bronco. In front of him no less. The one thing Murphy couldn’t deny was that it was the hottest fuck he’d ever seen.

Alexei had pulled out with a wet pop and Colin’s wrecked hole couldn’t hold all that Alexei had pumped into him. There was a sudden torrent of cum running down his thighs and plopping loudly on the tile floor. Alexei’s foreskin was adding its own puddle on the floor.

Alexei broke the silence, still not breaking his locked eyes stare at Murphy, “So Colin. Me or Murphy. You can work for me or him and you can be my boy or his boy.”

Murphy couldn’t keep his face from twisting into an angry sneer. While he had broken Colin in doing his best to make it an enjoyable experience for him, Alexei has just fucked the shit outta him in front of him no less. His mind played back the highlights and he knew that he’d be pounding out a few loads later that night thinking about Colin’s lithe alabaster body flexing and adjusting as Alexei’s brawn pushed him around and nearly knocked him over on several occasions. He could make out all of the muscle groups in Colin’s body but he was also completely drawn to Alexei. He didn’t think of himself as a man who would get fucked but Alexei had him reconsidering.

He had watched Alexei’s big muscles take control of Colin, flexing and pumping. His ass was two mounds of blond fur covered muscle that had enthralled him. Hell, the blond fuzz that covered Alexei’s body was captivating on its own. He looked at Alexei standing there, covered in a sheen of sweat, muscles swollen from the workout he’d just had, and even limp, Alexei’s cock commanded attention. All he could think about was Alexei’s man-fuck of Colin and how much he wanted to suck Alexei’s cock until it was clean, no matter that he’d just spent two hours fucking Colin’s hot ass.

Colin broke Murphy’s lust, “Both. Murphy and Alexei.”

Alexei broke into laughter that couldn’t contain the smile on his face. Murphy stopped for a moment and before he could process what he was doing, he was on his knees in front of Alexei taking his cum-slick cock into his mouth.

He could taste Colin’s ass and Alexei’s slightly salty but sweet cum. He ran his tongue under the foreskin to get all the tastes and cum from it. He pushed it back with his lips and exposed the hyper-sensitive head. Alexei shuddered and squirmed but made no attempt to stop Murphy’s cock worshipping.

Colin had regained his senses and his sea legs while Murphy was showing his appreciation of Alexei’s cock. He saw his chance and knew he’d likely only have it once. He grabbed Murphy’s hips and pulled them up, lining up his pole with Murphy’s hole. A big wad of spit landed on Murphy’s hole which involuntarily opened up providing all the invitation that Colin needed.

He plunged balls deep into Murphy who managed to get a groan out from around Alexei’s now stiffening cock. He had never fucked before, but as they say, it’s not a difficult sport to master.

His own brutal breeding was fresh in his mind and so he too returned the favor to Murphy for the secret breeding he had gotten while he was drunk.

Grabbing on to Murphy’s hips, he started using Murphy’s bubble butt as a trampoline and his grip as part of the return piston. Each stroke, he made sure that he was bottomed out, balls deep in Murphy’s ass. Each and every wince and yelp from Murphy spurred him on to take it just a little bit further and a little bit deeper. Murphy couldn’t make too many vocalizations as Alexei was hard again and filling his throating with this uncut cock.

Colin didn’t take long before he blew his load deep in Murphy’s ass. His anger combined with his hormones from Alexei’s rough breeding and Colin was able to keep going, mostly driven by his anger.

He was stopped after his second load as Alexei was drained physically and mentally.

“We stop. Murphy … done.” Alexei said through a huge smile.

“Da.” Colin said despite being a bit disappointed.

He walked over by Alexei and shoved his still hard cock into Murphy’s open mouth. It wasn’t so much that Murphy wanted it but that his jaw as slack from Alexei’s thick cock and from the whole situation. Colin’s cock was softening but was still firm enough to trigger Murphy’s now awakened cock-sucking reflex.

Once he felt clean enough to dress, Colin gathered up his clothes and started getting dressed while Alexei did the same.

Murphy just stayed on the floor, on all fours, trying to process all that happened. Something had changed but he couldn’t put a finger on it yet.

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Cia Nordwell

Julie Lynn Hayes

Garret Farm

The Garret Farm – Part 4

Alexei let out a laugh, “Nyet.” Colin thought he said, or was it ‘Not yet’.

Either way, he was trapped.

He started planning his escape from town but his thoughts were broken when Alexei picked up him and threw him over his shoulder like a sandbag. He could smell Alexei now, the unmistakable smell of a working man but also a musk that he couldn’t describe. Whatever it was, Colin was in its thrall. He took in a deep breath and lost all resistance to Alexei. As much as he tried to fight it, he couldn’t go move or escape. He could feel his cock bouncing on Alexei’s chest and in his increasing panic, he could feel pre-cum starting to ooze out his piss slit.

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Garret Farm

The Garret Farm – Part 3

It was getting close to lunch time and Murphy was beat. He’d stayed up far too long last night but Colin’s hairless bubble butt was just too much. Alabaster skin, big pink nipples, and completely shaved bare, the only hair on his body on his head, drawn back into a ponytail.

Colin wasn’t supposed to be hired. Hell, Colin wasn’t even supposed to be on the farm.

He worked in town at the meat locker and when Murphy went to get the four sides of beef, they weren’t ready yet. Murphy tried to hide his disappointment but failed.

Nikolai was an old soul and has been running the NS Locker for as long as most people could remember. Everyone joked that the NS stood for “No Shit” because Nikolai wouldn’t sell it if it wasn’t top choice. Nikolai Strelkov’s family has owned the locker for about as long as the Garrets has owned their initial farm.

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The Garret Farm – Part 2

Colin deftly juggled four plates piled high with flapjacks, eggs, sausage and bacon from the counter to the table before grabbing a pot of coffee and a pitcher of orange juice.

Sitting down at the table, Colin offered a brief blessing of the food and the men started to eat like they were starved.

“So boys, what the hell happened last night?” Murphy asked, subconsciously lower his voice about an octave. Many had described it as a gravel-thickened dad voice.

Colin blushed and looked down at the table, mouth moving but no words coming out.

Jason looked across the table at Colin, “You’d better fess up.”

Jason was the Colin’s right hand man for the north half of the acreage and also the machine shed. Garret and Jason and grown up together and when the farm changed hands, Murphy hired Jason almost immediately. Jason was one of the few employees that Murphy hadn’t fooled around with but they’d skinny dipped so often that they might as well have fooled around with all the games of grab-ass and underwater cock honking.

Trent was Murphy’s left hand man for the south acreage and the storage and transport manager for all the grain. Trent wasn’t from the area so when Murphy put the moves on him, he didn’t resist. He didn’t think it would be anything but a good blowjob but after Murphy had bred him raw, Trent had stuck around and was going on his tenth year on the farm. He wasn’t entirely sure why he stayed, the work wasn’t what he wanted to do, but Murphy’s fucks were mind-blowing. Every time. He’d found himself wanting Murphy to fuck him, to feel Murphy’s seed deep inside him.

Trent looked over at Colin and smirked, “Yup, Murphy bred him a few times last night. He’s got the dazed and glazed look. I don’t even think he’s washed up since they fucked.”

Murphy cleared his throat and Colin looked up at Trent and tried to hide again but felt something inside him shift and suddenly he was recounting the previous night.

Trent was right in that Murphy had bred him a few times. Six to be exact. Trent didn’t know how an almost 40 year old who worked 12+ hours a day could still fuck like that, but he sure enjoyed it!

Jason knew about Murphy’s needs and kinks but didn’t care or partake. All he knew was that Murphy had a great sense for picking good men to work on the farm. If he fucked them regular, he didn’t care. It just made his job a lot easier.

Colin paused for a moment in his telling of the previous night’s debauchery.

“So then, Mr Garret, I asked you to piss in your boots so I could drink it like a good little boy.” Colin said a bit meekly.

Jason’s head snapped to look at Colin and Trent just smiled devilishly.

Murphy smiled, “So that’s what happened to my boots. I couldn’t recall pissing in ‘em. Fuck, normally, I’m the one pissing in other people’s boots…and maybe their Cheerios.” he finished with a laugh.

Colin continued with his story and how once Murphy was done with him and Colin had gotten him to bed, he set out to clean Murphy’s room, did the laundry for Murphy and the entire staff, then made breakfast for the four of them.

“Wait,” Jason interrupted, “You’ve been here and been up all night, yet you aren’t tired at all.”

Trent shot a smirk at Colin while thinking, “If only Jason know of Murphy’s power. Or maybe it should be called Murphy’s Law. He breeds you and you are ‘attached’ to him.

Colin looked at Jason, meeting his gaze, and smiled, “Work on the farm doesn’t get done while you are sitting on your ass.”

Trent made a note that Colin has some serious work ethic and wondered if maybe Colin was being considered to take over the beef and dairy operations.

Murphy took that moment to chime in, “So, Colin, you are correct. This is a working farm and we are a tight knit operation. I don’t hire just anyone who comes in. They have to fit in with the operation.” Trent shot some side-eye to Murphy who saw it but ignored it.

Jason nodded, “You notice that Trent and I are naked and so is Murphy. We’re a nudist operation as much as we can be. You see a lot of things on this farm and well, learning to keep your mouth shut about the details will see you keeping your job and getting promoted if you bust your ass.”

Trent added, “There are some unique aspects to the farm. As far as Murphy has told us, we are currently not hiring for the fields nor day-to-day operations.”

Colin sank in his chair a bit. Jason could sense his disappointment but Trent knew that Murphy had bred him to bring him on. There was no other reason that one of Murphy’s boys would still be here if that wasn’t the case.

Murphy stood up, causing the other three to look up at him. Even Jason, the one guy on the farm that wouldn’t touch a guy had to admire the thick uncut cock and massive balls that Murphy swang between his legs. Jason had often wondered if Murphy was part bull.

“Actually, I was thinking of bringing Colin on. He’s obviously good with domestic chores. For now, I’m going to put him in charge of feeding and clothing the staff. We’re going to start having farm lunches here at the house every day. Colin will be the quartermaster and cook.”

Jason spoke with his mouth full to say that he was okay with this as Colin seemed to be a good cook. Trent just nodded in agreement.

What Jason and Trent both wanted to know: who was Murphy going to hire for the beef and dairy operation?

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Cia Nordwell

Julie Lynn Hayes

Garret Farm

The Garret Farm – Part 1

The Garret Farm was just under 2100 acres of flat grassland in west central Illinois. It was one of the larger operations in the area. It had started as a five acre gift to Garrets several generations previous. Each boom bust cycle brought opportunities to expand the family holdings.

By the early 1950s, they were just over 400 acres that were disjointed with a few 40 acre stands that were not connected to the main holdings.

The Farm Crisis of the 1980s saw a massive expansion of the family operations as they were able to buy out neighbors and in doing so, paid their neighbors what their land was honestly worth or if it was land that wasn’t suited to their operations, they paid a few cents for the farm and handed the title deed back to the family that owned it.

Buying out your neighbors in a crisis doesn’t earn one friends in the community but by paying the honest values, often padding them, and returning farms to the owners; they had become respected.

Into the 21st century saw farming turning into a massive corporate enterprise with multi-nationals buying up farms and turning them into factory farms with substantial automation and only a few factory workers to man it. The families being squeezed between the banks and ag companies.

2005 started out like any other year until unsolicited offers from neighbors and farms around the region started flooding into their mail and email. Farmers were looking for ways to keep their farms in a family environment and saw the Garret Farm as a way to keep the land away from the big companies.

Murphy Garret took control of the operation in 2008, barely out of college. At 23, he was in charge of 1600 acres and almost 30 employees. Thankfully, they had an accountant who handles all the money stuff. One less thing for him to worry about as he settled in as the scion of the farm that bore his name.

Murphy yawned and gently pushed the dog off the end of the bed. He heard Justin land on the pile of covers on the floor, landing with a muffled ‘woof’.

As stood up, the thud of his cowboy boots hitting the hardwood floor reminded him of the night before…

He rarely went out to the local watering holes and really only went to ‘town’ to go to the bank or the post office. The vet, implement repairs, and utilities were all on speed dial on his desk phone and his mobile.

Running this fingers through his long dirty blond hair, he found it matted in knots and stuck to the side of his neck. The taste in his mouth was familiar but he couldn’t place it at first.

Piss, cum – lots of cum, and a hint of deodorant… what the fuck did I do last night? I can’t remember much of anything. FUCK! This is not good.

As the drum corp starting playing a rousing fight song in his head, he pulled off his boots to discover they were soaking wet inside. Knowing he would likely regret it, he took a deep sniff of his boots.

Piss..and not mine! Murphy thought to himself in a half growl.

The Well, guess I’m gonna have to go boot shopping for some new boots. of his inner monologue escaped his lips.

He heard a door open and shut in the house which snapped him fully awake and alert. It was likely one of the laborers but still, he was naked except for his boots and a piss soaked jockstrap. But before he could do anything else, the bedroom door opened and there stood a tall lean guy, looked younger than Murphy was comfortable with being in his house much less standing in the door of his bedroom naked.

“Who are…” Murphy started but then he remembered, “Hey Colin. Sorry, I’m very fucking hungover this morning.”

“It’s okay man, I’ve got breakfast and coffee going for us in the kitchen. Though, you might want to take a shower and change boots before coming to breakfast.” Colin said with a smirk.

“Yeah yeah, you keep an eye on breakfast and I’ll clean up. See ya in a few minutes.” Murphy said as he made his way to the bathroom.

As he closed the door, he stripped off the jock and put it in the trash. Nothing was out of place in the bathroom…so where….

The barn! He wanted to see the farm so I showed him the main stand of buildings. Ugh.

Murphy made his way into the shower and made short work of scrubbing his entire body down while his hair soaked in a liberal application of Mane & Tail shampoo and conditioner.

The ten minutes he spent making sure he was completely clean felt more like an hour with the headache and the fact he just couldn’t feel clean.

He wrapped a towel around his waist and padded off to the kitchen. Not only was Colin there but there were two of his employees sitting there naked as well.

Colin is one thing but why are two of my employees here and naked?! Murphy paused to ponder this surprise which inadvertently caused him to stop walking as well.

It wasn’t until Craig looked up and said, “Mornin’ Boss, how ya feeling this morning?”

Murphy started walking again with a guttural groan.

“Well, as soon as I have some breakfast and I hear the whole fucking story of what happened last night, I can’t say how I’m feeling. All I know right now, there’s a town kid that I fucked senseless last night making breakfast and two of my employees are sitting at my dining table buck ass naked and staring at my towel.”

Craig and Steve turned away from looking at Murphy but Colin chipped in from the kitchen, “Well, it is a lot to take in.” which caused Craig and Steve to laugh out loud.

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Cia Nordwell

Julie Lynn Hayes

Frottage Cottage

Frottage Cottage – Part 2

(Note: Sorry for the short part this week.  I hit a mental block and a nasty sinus thing that took me down the last few days. — JRL)

‘Rob pulled away from the Polar Freeze feeling satiated in a way he couldn’t quite explain. He wasn’t full but yet he didn’t feel like he could eat another bite.

Following Business US-67 into downtown Hoxie Ridge, he followed his GPS to the local Coldwell Banker realty office. The initial scouting he had done had shocked him, new houses started at $250,000 but existing stock was anywhere from $60,000 to $100,000.

As he turned down SW Front Street, he started counting the number of businesses that had some reference to Hogs or Razorbacks. Must be the local high school team mascot.

In spite of time, there was less traffic in town than he had expected. He could hear the steady hum of tractor-trailer traffic in the distance as the newly completed extension of I-57 had completely bypassed Hoxie Ridge. Still, it was a regional center with the county seat, hospital, and most of the Hopefully, the freeway bypassing town wouldn’t doom it. There is some industry in town and seemingly a lot of service related jobs.

He passed a modern looking grocery store before having to stop for a train crossing through town. He found it interesting that there was rail line crossing east-west through town while paralleling Front St was a dual line railroad that had already seen two trains go by in the time he’d gotten into town. The train passed and as he continued on, he almost screeched to a halt as he realized that the cross line was also a dual line. How do they do that with railroads? They don’t have interchanges… Rob found his internal monologue punctured but the sound of a rusted out 74 Chevy C-10’s horn blared behind him.

As he glanced in the rearview mirror, he saw a Confederate flag flying in the bed of the truck and what looked to be a pair of shotguns in the back window. It may be cheaper here but it is a very different world!

A few more blocks down the road, he saw the sign for the real estate agency and pulled in. Luckily, the house he was picked out was still on the market and had actually dropped in price in the last week as it had been on the market longer that the agency had liked. The agent was thrilled to have a potential buyer and drove Rob over to show the house.

The pictures don’t do it justice! This is a beautiful house. 2 bedrooms with a den and 2 bathrooms?! The only thing wrong with it is that there are not many trees around it and it’ll be hot in the summer.

Rob told the agent that he was sold and was ready to sign on the dotted line.

Before we head bback to the office, I have a question for you Jeff.” Rob started nervously, “What is with all the businesses with Hogs or Razorbacks in the name? Is that the HS mascot?”

Jeff laughed, “Aw hell no, that’s the University of Arkansas mascot!” and without any warning, Jeff let out a loud “Sooooooooooeeeeeee” call followed by a shout of “Go Hawgs!”

Rob couldn’t help but laugh. Yup, whole new way of life.


Wednesday Briefs Authors posting this week:

Cia Nordwell

J Alan Veerkamp

Julie Lynn Hayes

Frottage Cottage

Frottage Cottage – Part 1

“Three hours flipping through real estate websites to see if I can find a place I want to live and lots of candidates. Now to spend another few hours researching the places I found to see if the housing is worth it.”

Rob Janot slumped down in his office chair. He was trying to find someplace quiet for a change of climate but also a slower pace of life. He’d settled on the Missouri bootheel and much to his surprise he started to look in an area of Northeast Arkansas.

His eyes caught on the name “Hoxie Ridge” and thought it sounded interesting. A quick review of the real estate showed plenty of homes that would fit his needs.

Well, I think I know the ‘where’ but now it’s the will it fit my needs?” Rob thought to himself.

He figured it would be nine hour drive to get there meaning he could easily take a long weekend and have time to look at houses and get a feel for the town. He sent an email to his boss and told him that he needed to take the upcoming Thursday, Friday, and Monday off to do some house hunting.

One of the advantages of working from home, you can move and so long as you have good internet, you can live almost anywhere.

Thursday morning came faster than he expected but he had gotten his bags packed and had loaded the car the night before. A quick stop by Muddy Waters had him set for the trip with a turkey sausage croissant and a mega latte with an extra shot of espresso to get him through the trip.

Getting on the freeway, he shifted his truck through the gears and set the cruise at 75 in 5th gear. A quick pit stop in St. Louis to fill up himself as well as the truck.

Only four and a half more hours to go and much better scenery ahead! Rob said out loud as he finished pissing into the dirty truck stop urinal. A quick wash of his hands and he was back on the road.

Heading south out of St. Louis, the terrain changed drmatically compared to Illinois. The flat plains were now replaced by the long eroded core of the St. Francois Mountains interspersed with deeply incised valleys.

It’s so beautiful but also so remote. I’d love to live here but there’s no way I could get fast enough connectivity to be able to work.

A few miles south of Poplar Bluff, he had to stop and pull over. Before him, was a flat horizon of green broken only by a few houses here and there and pockets of trees. He’d reached the point where he was on the Mississippi Embayment, flat as a soggy pancake. Just before crossing into Arkansas, he noted there were several liquor stores beside the highway but didn’t realize the significance of them.

Compared to the winding route of US 67 through Missouri, Arkansas was actually fairly boring. The highway was straight, the terrain flat, and the only thing to really look at, well look for, were the local police trying to pick off out-of-state speeders.

Passing through Pocahontas, Rob thought of stopping for something to eat, but the GPS told him he was only a few miles from Hoxie Ridge so he decided to wait. Continuing to drive, this section of highway was straight was a runway and 5 lanes wide in the middle of fields. It was an odd design, two lanes each direction and a shared middle turn lane. He barely saw any traffic, much less enough to justify such a big highway.

Approaching Hoxie Ridge, he saw that the GPS was directing him onto US 67 Business into Hoxie Ridge but he saw that I-57 was in front of him.

Odd, I started out almost on I-57. Why didn’t it take me on it all the way here?

Passing the Wal-Mart Supercenter, he knew he was getting close to town. He started smelling ribs before he could see where the smell was coming from. He knew it wasn’t the Taco Bell he was driving by but then he saw a drive-in in the upcoming curve on the road. The sign read “Polar Freeze Real Pit BAR-B-Q” and below that Have you thanked the “Man upstairs” today?

The truck seemed to turn on its own and he found himself pulling into a parking stall under a rusting canopy.

A young girl, probably still high school, sauntered out to his truck.

“What can I get ya darlin?” she drawled.

“Do you have burgers?” Rob asked, making it painfully obvious that he wasn’t from around these parts.

“Yeah we do.” Rob heard her but was entranced by the accent.

“Um…well, can I get a triple cheeseburger, fries, and a large Dr. Pepper?” Rob asked hesitantly.

“Ya sure can.” came the drawl as she wrote down the order. “It’ll be 8.38 total”.

Rob fished a ten and a couple of ones out of his wallet and handed them to her.

“Keep the change!” he said a bit more cheerfully than he had anticipated.

“Aww, thank ya sir! Yer basket will be up in about 10 minutes or so.” she cooed.

Rob smiled and stammered out a thank you. I’m going to have to get used to the drawl and quick. It’s seductive and annoying at the same time!


Cia Nordwell

J Alan Veerkamp

Julie Lynn Hayes

Title Forthcoming

Title Forthcoming – Part 2

Wednesday Briefs Header

The mysterious aura hadn’t faded but the ritual had gotten underway keeping his mind from trying to figure out exactly what the hell was going on.

Suddenly, he felt light headed…and the world around him started to fade into browns then grays.  Before he could fully comprehend all that was happening, he felt like he was flowing upwards and outwards at the same time.

It felt as if he was flowing towards the rivers like water but also flowing like wind in all directions at once.

While his mind was in the middle of the biggest panic attack you can imagine, his soul was trying to calm him and assure him that his was, in fact, very normal.

As he had a mental battle involving the calming discussion of his soul and the panicked fear of his corporeal mind, he failed to realize that everything had gone black.

For quite a while (to his mind), everything was black and completely calm.  Just as suddenly, the blackness started to pulse with pale red, blue, and green light(?) — maybe it’s energy?  Either way, I’m seriously fucked up and this is a bad trip.

As the last of his thought echoed in the darkness, the surroundings turned from a pulsing light show to a small comfortable looking room with neutral colors, two comfortable looking George II Wing chairs and a small table loaded with a charcuterie spread, crudités, and some crackers and breads for the charcuterie.

— It’s as if I’m about to be interviewed for a job or a swanky TV talk show.

He realized that he was standing on the floor — is it? Where the hell am I? and thought he should take a seat to avoid to seem too uppity to the host.

He was right in that he was about to be interviewed for a TV show of sorts.  He was in a dimension where clair was normal and interviews such as this looked like any other but with no cameras or microphones. People would “tune in” to the studio and watch the interview live.

As he sat staring at the food laid out, he heard a voice peacefully telling him he should eat if he is hungry. A liquor cart rolled in beside the table but appeared to just materialize from nothing and rolled in of its own volition.

It seemed like an hour had passed.  Stuffed and slightly drunk from the liquor cart, he was starting to get edgy and nervous.  It was a few more minutes until he heard the sound of people approaching.

Two men and a woman faded in and approached much like the liquor cart. They were quite attractive and was calming to him.  The young lady came and sat down while the two men quickly refilled the hors d’ouevres, restocked the liquor cart, and asked if there was anything else he would like while he was a guest.

— A guest?  Where am I?  Who are these people?  I just want to…

“Welcome Kelly Sutcliffe, you are our guest on Deify or Nullify!”



Other Wednesday Briefs Authors posting this week:

Cia Nordwell

J Alan Veerkamp

Carol Pedroso

Julie Lynn Hayes

Title Forthcoming

Title Forthcoming – Part 1

Wednesday Briefs Header

It was a dark and stormy night…

A sausage-fingered fist slammed down on the typewriter.

“By the Gods, that’s no way to start a story. It’s beyond cliché. As he sat staring at the blank with the lone sentence staring back at him, mocking him with its triteness.

He sat deep in thought, while beating himself up, it wasn’t until he swept his arms wide and sent his coffee cup flying across his office that he realized that this wasn’t going to be a good day to write.

— You aren’t on a deadline, relax and just let the story come to you while you work on character development.

Later that evening, he forced himself to attend the church gathering that had been planned for months.  He really wasn’t feeling it but felt obligated. He’s joined his local Wiccan church somewhat from his beliefs but mostly for the social interaction. Two coven members had been recently diagnosed with serious illnesses with one on potent immunosuppressors and the other was undergoing chemotherapy.

The regional economy was already hurting member’s abilities to donate to the coven and then the two sick members had pulled even more donations away from the coven and to the affected members.

Pulling up to the site where the coven held its rituals, no one was waiting and the gates were closed.  

Odd, I’m running late and yet there’s no one here? he thought to himself.

As he sat in his idling car, he thought he saw someone or something move through the gate and then the padlock was open and the gates swung open to allow him in.  It took a while to finally to put the car in gear and drive through the gates.  He pulled through and stopped, then got out and walked over to the gate.

Nooooo….do not worry about the gates. They are only manifestations to keep the uninitiated out.  While you are uninitiated, we know you and allowed you in.

Now thoroughly shaken, he got back in the car and drove back to the site where the ritual was to be held.  Approaching the fire site, he saw most of the coven regulars milling about getting the ritual set up and ready to be performed.  He parked and walked up to the fire ring.  As he approached, he saw various people look at him then whisper among themselves. He found himself worrying that he had missed an e-mail or he had been accidentally included on an invite list but wasn’t meant to be there.

Unaware of it, he was surrounded by a deep blue aura that seemed to absorb the light around him and replace with a rippling light green emanation. The effect left him looking like he was surrounded by water.  It wasn’t until the high priestess turned, saw him, and immediately blanched white while grabbing the high priest who had the same reaction.

What is going on here? Why is everyone freaking out when they see me?  What happened out by the gates? There is just too much going on all of a sudden. Oh, here come the high priest and priestess, hopefully they have some answers.

The Sycamore Psychopomp

The Sycamore Psychopomp – Part 3


Wednesday Briefs Header

Aaryn sat straight up in bed, suddenly wide awake and listening intently to the silence. Something had woken him but he had no idea what. Then, he heard the three knocks on the end of the house.

Ever since he was a kid, he had known what that sound meant. Someone close to the family had died. He hadn’t heard that knock in almost three decades so he tried to rationalize that it was an animal or one of the neighborhood kids trying to scare someone.

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