Garret Farm

The Garret Farm – Part 10

Murphy said his goodbye and headed back out of the shop leaving Jason alone in the office with his thoughts.

Jason stood up and adjusted his coveralls. He pulled the pouch of his jockstrap down and made himself a bit more comfortable. While he’d slept on that couch many times, he’d never realized just how miserable it was to sit on. The material seemed to slowly push you to the front while pulling your clothes to the back.

He made a note to himself to have the couch replaced with something more comfortable aand also more durable.

Walking over and sitting down at his desk, Jason looked over the stack of work items in his inbox. Well, if he played his cards right, he could just lock himself in the shop for about a month and keep himself busy with all the work that needed to be done. Of course, it wouldn’t work that way as many of the work orders were for pumps, wellheads, and other remote items that he would have to go out to and work on in the field.

“Well, either way, I can keep myself away from things for a good month or so.” he thought to himself as he picked up the stack of work orders and started prioritizing them.

Back in his truck, Murphy thought that his talk with Jason had gone fairly well but we wasn’t entirely certain. Jason had always been the wildcard of his leadership team. They had been friends since high school and while Jason knew about the extra-curricular activity on the farm, he hadn’t been involved with them until the last week or so.

He still couldn’t believe the rough fuck he’d gotten from Jason but he certainly wasn’t going to complain about it.

Trent was out on the south unit asssessing the corn crop and checking on the detasseling teams. The teams had been doing a great job, the lines looked almost perfect with even heights. The corn itself was going nicely and the rains had been steady so far.

“If this keeps up like this, we’re going to have a massive harvest and we’re going to be hard pressed to store it all.” he said aloud while he made a mental note to check the commodity prices, “We may have to do some serious selling to make room and lock in some profit for the year.”

Colin, meanwhile, was flopped on Murphy’s couch flipping channels while waiting for the dishwasher to run its cycle. Everyone thought he had the easiest job on the farm being Murphy’s bitch and cooking. What they didn’t realize was just how intensely he and Murphy were bonding nor the turmoil under the surface of the farm.

He was just dozing off when he got a text from Murphy telling him to put together a couple of trays of appetizers and have a pot of coffee and a gallon of tea ready for 3:15pm.

“Interview happening then on short notice. State is sending us one of their animal husbandry students down here for a possible internship and maybe we can hire him.”

Colin got to work on this part of the deal, while Trent and Jason swore but wrapped up what they were doing and started heading for the workhouse.

Garret Farm

The Garret Farm – Part 8

The farm continued on as if nothing had happened that morning but yet everything had changed.

Jason was lost in his own thoughts, betrayed by his carnal desires; Trent was still trying to process what had happened to Murphy, then adding Jason’s actions on to it, he was at a complete loss. Murphy was in much the same mental state and had locked himself away in his office.

Only Colin seemed to be taking it all in stride, he had already lunch started for farm management and was starting meal planning for the farm as Murphy had planned on making it more self-contained during the work day.

Murphy had stepped out of his office and gotten lunch, but just long enough to load up his plate and then go back to his office. He didn’t acknowledge that anyone else was in the kitchen or respond to his name.

Jason came in, filled his plate, and then sat quietly at the table but didn’t look up from his plate. Trent came in and did the same, sitting across from Jason.

Trent wanted to ask Jason about what he was buried deeply in thought about but couldn’t bring himself to do it.

As it was, he was deep in thought about Colin and Muprhy and what he’d seen the last twenty-four hours.

Trent had been playing out a fantasy in his head involving Brent, a guy he’d been on the downlow with in town, and Murphy.

Trent had Murphy restrained and Brent down on his knees.

“Sir, why is the other boy here?” Jason whined.

“I’ll tell you when I’m done with you boy.” came Trent’s growl.

Jason shoots a look at Brent, his pale green eyes matching his alabaster skin, balancing the long flowing red hair on his head, think to himself, “Why does he still have shirt on?”

As if reading his mind, Trent spun Brent and the sawhorse around, his tight hairless ass and hanging balls in view. I grab a blade and slice his short off of him.

“Sir…I” then silence.

“Good boy. Any more questions and I will be very displeased with you.” Trent grunts as he slaps a paddle on Brent’s ass leaving a large red welt.

“Oh fuck, thank you sir. I’m sorry about the questions sir!” Brent whimpers, his body language now less assertive and more…broken.

As his head drops and his knees give way from their nearly locked position, you noticed a tattoo on his left shoulder blade. You can’t fully see it but you know it’s there. My body keeps it out of line of sight to you.

You’ve not seen someone break a man. It’s as if … you aren’t sure what is happening more.

Trent’s cock is hard, a lucky day for Brent…or is it?

Jason can see Brent’s hole twitch…as does Trent.

“You like something in that hole don’t you.”

You see my thumb tap on my phone and you see Brent’s head whip up as he shocks himself by saying, “May I have more sir? If you would like, you can take my cherry.”

Jason’s head shoots up and your cock is instantly hard battling with the cage that surrounds it. How old is he? A virgin?

“Perhaps boy”

Trent slowly pulls the buttplug out…and you see Brent’s tight hole staying with it, clenched tight desperately trying to keep the buttplug in.

“Enough!” I bark and pull the plug out as fast as I safely can.

For just a moment, there is a pink gaping flower and then it clamps back shut.

Brent might just be in for more than he realizes…as Trent pulls his jock aside and his rock hard cock have some air. Brent is spun around on the sawhorse putting his face up against my cock and balls, smooth with a glistening drool of precum already starting to form.

“You asked so nicely for something in your ass. And you offered up your cherry to me. I think I’ll take it and see how you like it.” Trent snarls while grabbing a bottle of lube and starts to slather up his shaft.

Trent slips a finger into Brent, slowly, but without lube….Brent flinches but takes it. How could someone enjoy that? Jason thinks to himself.

Trent is even more aroused watching Jason watching him…and then after the 2nd finger, Trent steps forward and presses the tip of his cock against Brent’s hole. Lube and precum at the ready.

Trent’s question to himself is: Do I make him wait more…or just pop his cherry like a bitch?

Trent looks over to Jason…and I sees him smiling but also squirming. Trent smiles to himself knowing he didn’t put a toy in Jason’s ass yet Jason was squirming, watching, and realizing he was starting to want a cock buried inside him..

Trent pushes in slowly, just letting the head pry his hole open. Slowly but surely, the head slides in and he stops.

“You okay Brent. You want more of me or are you going to disappoint Sir?” leaving Brent little room to stop me.

“Sir, I’m scared…and you need to use a condom. Jesus Sir, you are so thick. I don’t know…”

Trent laughs cruelly, “You’ll take it. I won’t hurt you but I make open your mind as well as your hole.”

With that, Trent pushes in a bit further, knowing he is thickest about mid-shaft. He doesn’t know how deep I am…but Brent’s moans tell us that he doesn’t care. He’s in the garden of carnal delights.

Trent slowly pulls all the way out, Brent’s ass clamping shut with a resounding pop.

Jason, totally out of his mind on hormones and humiliation, “Fuck sir, don’t…don’t give it to him. I want it. All of it.”

“Hey, Trent. You okay? … Trent …” Jason was asking before reaching across and tapping Trent on the shoulder.

“Yeah, you’re gonna take me like the bitch you are … Jason. Uh. Hi.”

Garret Farm

The Garret Farm – Part 7

Jason looked around the room as if trying to figure out if he wanted to give in to his need to get some release or if his pride and beliefs would prevail. His boss in front of him, on his knees, looking up expectantly and yet, it was his boss. A man…his boss!

At the same time, Jason’s balls ached with the need to release. A primal urge was building and he knew that if he didn’t get away from this situation soon, he’d likely give in and let Murphy have his way.

Jason shot a glance over at Trent who just shrugged and smiled while turning away.

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The Garret Farm – Part 7

The flash installment for this week is delayed.

Some of you know that I have multiple sclerosis. I had a sudden severe flare come on last week and spend the Thurdsay/Friday/Saturday getting high dose steroid injections to help end the flare as quickly as possible.

While the injections work well, the side effects are severe as well. I can barely focus on ADLs (Activities of Daily Living) and fighting to stay awake as my body is healing itself.

I have part 7 slowly brewing in my head and currently surviving on post-it notes until next week.

If you have any questions on my condition or how you can help, please feel to tweet me at @jraylamb, comment here, or you can email me at

Garret Farm

The Garret Farm – Part 6

The first rays of the impending sunrise spread across the sky and Murphy was already awake. He had woken up around 2:00am with his head swimming with replays what had happened the previous evening.

He didn’t remember cleaning up, having dinner, or even going to bed. He’d surveyed the living room and saw it was clean, so he knew that he’d cleaned it but he didn’t recall it.

He opened his eyes and saw it was only 4:15am. He listened but couldn’t hear the normal noises of the farm. By now, he should be hearing the cows mooing faintly as milking time was rapidly approaching.

Murphy yawned, “Maybe not quite yet.” He thought to himself as he heard the sound of crunching gravel as trucks pulled into the farm.

Ugh. Well, might as well get up and get some coffee and breakfast started.

As he stood up, he felt a dull ache in his arse which reminded him, yet again, of what had transpired the night before.

Stumbling into the kitchen, he saw Trent come in with a big smile on his face.

“So I hear Colin is taking over the livestock side of the operation huh?”

Murphy looked at him quizzically, “No, no he’s not. He’s going to be the quartermaster. I’ve still not found anyone I want for the livestock side.”

Colin came in with a newfound swagger, the sound of his cowboy boots on the hardwood floors echoing in the large open space.

Colin took off his shirt, grabbed an apron out of the closet, and put it on. Realizing the error, he took off his boots and pants, then put his boots back on. He was now ready to take over as the farm’s quartermaster and ‘kitchen bitch’.

Trent looked over and smiled at Murphy. “Seems he’ll fit right in around here.”

Murphy’s face flashed a grimace and then a somewhat forced smile, “Yeah, he fits in rather well.”

Murphy looked over and saw that Colin was wielding a legal pad on a clipboard and was taking inventory of everything in the kitchen. No cabinet was being left unemptied and accessed. He hadn’t been too sure about keeping Colin around the house but it seemed to be working out for the best so far.

Colin turned around, “How many total employees do we have? I doubt that I’ll have a full set of meals for everying for a few days and I can get supplies ordered and the kitchen set up.”

“Murphy?” Trent asked which a smirk, “you sure you don’t want him taking over the livestock side?”

Murphy glared at Trent but answered the question, “As of this moment, 23. It should be 24 but as Trent pointed out, we don’t have a manager for the livestock side of the operation yet.”

Colin’s face contorted into a sneer, “If that’s what you want, I can take over the livestock operation but then someone will have to be taking over the kitchen since everyone knows we’re going to be feeding them now. We’ll need a commerical kitchen as well.”

“True, I could take over the kitchen duties though that would make me your bitch even more.” Murphy staid while his mind reeled at what he was saying.

Trent’s head snapped around to stare at Murphy. Jason, just walking in the door, stopped and did a double take.

“Murphy is whose bitch?!” Jason blurted out.

Murphy didn’t miss a beat, “I’m Colin’s bitch.”

Jason slowly turned to look at Colin who had gone back to his inventory and then he let out a low whistle. “Damn, Colin must have fucked you good for you to flip like that.”

Trent and Jason looked at each other with confused expressions. Neither had ever known Murphy to be anything other than a power alpha who bowed down to no one.

Murphy didn’t say anything but had turned beet red.

Trent laughed, “I’m gonna have to get me some of Colin it seems. I dunno if it will turn me into his bitch though.”

Jason let out a loud boisterous laugh, “Hell, if he’s all that, I might have to break my own rules and see if Colin would have a go at me.”

At that, Colin turned around, still writing up his inventory of the spice rack, “You know, I have no idea what has gotten into Murphy today. I mean, I did fuck him last night but it was a grudge fuck. Nothing more.”

“Which I deserved Sir.” Murphy said quietly.

Jason and Trent were shocked silent. Colin looked over at Murphy, “Murphy, I don’t know what is going on inside your head but knock it off. You are not my bitch, you do not need to address me as sir. If you keep this up, I’m going to set Jason or Trent on you.”

Murphy looked up at the two of them and Jason saw something is Murphy’s eyes he’d never seen before, it was a look of submission.

Jason stepped forward and Murphy got down on his knees. Jason wasn’t sure what to think. He didn’t like dudes and hell, dudes looking at him made him uncomfortable. He’d been working on the Garret Farm for long enough, he knew what happened and how it happened but he made sure he was never really around it. Nudity was one thing but gay sex? Ick.

Today though, Jason was horny and his girl hadn’t been around for a while. Truth be told, she’d left him a couple of months back. As much as he was repulsed by seeing his boss like this, there was a part of him that just wanted to use his boss, take out his aggressions on him, and just treat him like a dirty little slut.

Other Wednesday Briefs Authors posting this week:

Cia Nordwell

Julie Lynn Hayes

Garret Farm

The Garret Farm – Part 5

Alexei stumbled backwards and fell back onto the couch while panting for air. He’d not had that good of a grudge breeding in years. Maintaining eye contact with Murphy had made it hot and Colin’s primal grunting and moaning had put it right over the top.

Murphy couldn’t keep his face from twisting into an angry sneer. While he had broken Colin in doing his best to make it an enjoyable experience for him, Alexei has just ridden Colin like a bucking bronco. In front of him no less. The one thing Murphy couldn’t deny was that it was the hottest fuck he’d ever seen.

Alexei had pulled out with a wet pop and Colin’s wrecked hole couldn’t hold all that Alexei had pumped into him. There was a sudden torrent of cum running down his thighs and plopping loudly on the tile floor. Alexei’s foreskin was adding its own puddle on the floor.

Alexei broke the silence, still not breaking his locked eyes stare at Murphy, “So Colin. Me or Murphy. You can work for me or him and you can be my boy or his boy.”

Murphy couldn’t keep his face from twisting into an angry sneer. While he had broken Colin in doing his best to make it an enjoyable experience for him, Alexei has just fucked the shit outta him in front of him no less. His mind played back the highlights and he knew that he’d be pounding out a few loads later that night thinking about Colin’s lithe alabaster body flexing and adjusting as Alexei’s brawn pushed him around and nearly knocked him over on several occasions. He could make out all of the muscle groups in Colin’s body but he was also completely drawn to Alexei. He didn’t think of himself as a man who would get fucked but Alexei had him reconsidering.

He had watched Alexei’s big muscles take control of Colin, flexing and pumping. His ass was two mounds of blond fur covered muscle that had enthralled him. Hell, the blond fuzz that covered Alexei’s body was captivating on its own. He looked at Alexei standing there, covered in a sheen of sweat, muscles swollen from the workout he’d just had, and even limp, Alexei’s cock commanded attention. All he could think about was Alexei’s man-fuck of Colin and how much he wanted to suck Alexei’s cock until it was clean, no matter that he’d just spent two hours fucking Colin’s hot ass.

Colin broke Murphy’s lust, “Both. Murphy and Alexei.”

Alexei broke into laughter that couldn’t contain the smile on his face. Murphy stopped for a moment and before he could process what he was doing, he was on his knees in front of Alexei taking his cum-slick cock into his mouth.

He could taste Colin’s ass and Alexei’s slightly salty but sweet cum. He ran his tongue under the foreskin to get all the tastes and cum from it. He pushed it back with his lips and exposed the hyper-sensitive head. Alexei shuddered and squirmed but made no attempt to stop Murphy’s cock worshipping.

Colin had regained his senses and his sea legs while Murphy was showing his appreciation of Alexei’s cock. He saw his chance and knew he’d likely only have it once. He grabbed Murphy’s hips and pulled them up, lining up his pole with Murphy’s hole. A big wad of spit landed on Murphy’s hole which involuntarily opened up providing all the invitation that Colin needed.

He plunged balls deep into Murphy who managed to get a groan out from around Alexei’s now stiffening cock. He had never fucked before, but as they say, it’s not a difficult sport to master.

His own brutal breeding was fresh in his mind and so he too returned the favor to Murphy for the secret breeding he had gotten while he was drunk.

Grabbing on to Murphy’s hips, he started using Murphy’s bubble butt as a trampoline and his grip as part of the return piston. Each stroke, he made sure that he was bottomed out, balls deep in Murphy’s ass. Each and every wince and yelp from Murphy spurred him on to take it just a little bit further and a little bit deeper. Murphy couldn’t make too many vocalizations as Alexei was hard again and filling his throating with this uncut cock.

Colin didn’t take long before he blew his load deep in Murphy’s ass. His anger combined with his hormones from Alexei’s rough breeding and Colin was able to keep going, mostly driven by his anger.

He was stopped after his second load as Alexei was drained physically and mentally.

“We stop. Murphy … done.” Alexei said through a huge smile.

“Da.” Colin said despite being a bit disappointed.

He walked over by Alexei and shoved his still hard cock into Murphy’s open mouth. It wasn’t so much that Murphy wanted it but that his jaw as slack from Alexei’s thick cock and from the whole situation. Colin’s cock was softening but was still firm enough to trigger Murphy’s now awakened cock-sucking reflex.

Once he felt clean enough to dress, Colin gathered up his clothes and started getting dressed while Alexei did the same.

Murphy just stayed on the floor, on all fours, trying to process all that happened. Something had changed but he couldn’t put a finger on it yet.

Other Wednesday Briefs Authors posting this week:

Cia Nordwell

Julie Lynn Hayes

Garret Farm

The Garret Farm – Part 4

Alexei let out a laugh, “Nyet.” Colin thought he said, or was it ‘Not yet’.

Either way, he was trapped.

He started planning his escape from town but his thoughts were broken when Alexei picked up him and threw him over his shoulder like a sandbag. He could smell Alexei now, the unmistakable smell of a working man but also a musk that he couldn’t describe. Whatever it was, Colin was in its thrall. He took in a deep breath and lost all resistance to Alexei. As much as he tried to fight it, he couldn’t go move or escape. He could feel his cock bouncing on Alexei’s chest and in his increasing panic, he could feel pre-cum starting to ooze out his piss slit.

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Garret Farm

The Garret Farm – Part 3

It was getting close to lunch time and Murphy was beat. He’d stayed up far too long last night but Colin’s hairless bubble butt was just too much. Alabaster skin, big pink nipples, and completely shaved bare, the only hair on his body on his head, drawn back into a ponytail.

Colin wasn’t supposed to be hired. Hell, Colin wasn’t even supposed to be on the farm.

He worked in town at the meat locker and when Murphy went to get the four sides of beef, they weren’t ready yet. Murphy tried to hide his disappointment but failed.

Nikolai was an old soul and has been running the NS Locker for as long as most people could remember. Everyone joked that the NS stood for “No Shit” because Nikolai wouldn’t sell it if it wasn’t top choice. Nikolai Strelkov’s family has owned the locker for about as long as the Garrets has owned their initial farm.

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